King Cake Cocktails Anyone?

Who doesn’t love a good cocktail?  And even more so if it reminds you of one of your favorite treats without the waiting that comes from making one yourself or the hassle of even leaving home to head to the bakery!  After a long day or a long week, sometimes there’s nothing better than the chill of a martini hitting your lips as the clock strikes 5, and at this time of year, extra points if it tastes like king cake!  We’ve been playing with some recipes for king cake cocktails, and after a few tweaks came up with our own favorite version!


The most important ingredient of this martini if the Lucky Player King Cake vodka.  The 80 proof Lucky Player was the original amongst the king cake vodkas and started the trend carried by several vodka brands today.  Lucky Player seems to work best for this recipe, but any king cake vodka will make a tasty martini.  I mean, really, it’s king cake vodka! What’s not to like?  Combine it with Rum Chata, Bailey’s, a splash of Grand Marnier, and a sprinkling of cinnamon, and you are on your way to king cake martini bliss!


What king cake would be complete though without icing and some purple, green, and gold sugar?  To really make an impact, we like to rim our martini glasses with colored sugar which is super easy to make.  Just a few drops of food coloring and voila!, Mardi Gras sugar.

Feel free to wet the rims of your glasses with a lemon or even an orange as you might for a marguerita, but the sugar seems to coat better with a secret ingredient. A fine layering of store bought icing! Just rim the glass with a very thing rim of icing and then dip the glass for a little pop of sugar!  You don’t need an offset spatula, a knife or even the bottom of a spoon will work just fine!  I love the icing trick too because the sugar won’t shake off as your guests had the glasses; it sticks on very firmly.

Combine your vodka, irish cream, Rum Chata, and Grand Marnier in your favorite cocktail shaker, shake over ice, and strain into your sugar rimmed glasses!  Sprinkle the tops with a dash of cinnamon and drink up!


So super easy!  Enjoy at your next party or gathering, or make a batch of them ahead and pop them in the ice chest to enjoy on the parade route!


AmourNOLA’s King Cake Martini

2 oz Lucky Player King Cake Vodka

        1 oz Rum Chata

1 oz Bailey’s Irish Cream

1/2 oz Grand Marnier

sprinkle of ground cinnamon

purple, green, and gold sugar

Before we go, though, can we talk about these amazing decorations here from Fox Fête! Fox Fête, a NOLA-based business, specializes in producing luxe party décor to add that perfect extra touch to your parties and gatherings.  Whether you’re throwing a break-up bash for your broken hearted bestie or having a soirée for the current holiday, they have your decorating needs covered! There’s also so much attention to detail, that even just opening up the beautiful packaging feels special!  We loved this Mardi Gras pack, and best of all we can reuse it all later in the season!

So mix up some King Cake Cocktails, lay out your best decorations, and start celebrating because Fat Tuesday is almost here! XO

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